Sepideh and Mirza got married last summer in Dubrovnik, Croatia. But they are not from this town, and not even from Croatia! They both live in Denmark, and they are from Iran and Bosnia Herzegovina! But since they travel a lot and they fell in love with this town, they decided to have a destination wedding there. Their wedding bands have many countries on them, like Bosnia, Iran, Denmark and of course Croatia.

Mirza proposed to Sepideh on his own 30th birthday, with a choir singing “Halo” from Beyoncé. Sepideh did not expect that, since all their friends and families were here!

During the ceremony, they totally improvised on the spot, since they didn’t really talk about it or planned anything. Still, it was a very emotional ceremony in the gardens of the Grand Villa Argentina Hotel. They had an amazing view over the sea and the Lukrum island, where we went the day after the wedding to take pictures.
It was such a pleasure to meet this gorgeous couple and take pictures for their wedding day. It was really hot outside but we enjoyed the sun a lot, and we even had time to stroll into the small streets to take couples pictures. The next day, we headed to the small island in front of Dubrovnik and had a sunset session just the 3 of us.