You can see when your groom is an art designer and everything is planned carefully, colour themes etc. just works. This gorgeous couple, Essi and Riku got married on last summer in Harjattula, Turku Finland. In a meeting we were talking about old prison area and possibility to shoot portraits there, they were truly in! Nothing else would´t work so perfectly than an old football yard at local prison area. Because both of the couple were former football players.

When I heard that the theme colour is yellow, I dug up my smoke bomb stock and found yellow ones, haha. Church at Kakskerta is an old stone church build hundreds of years ago and venue locates nearby. Venue is at itself, is great old greenhouse, which might a bit warm when sun is shining. In these weddings we had very variable weather, sun was shining and suddenly we had rain. So perfect day with a perfect couple. Thanks Essi & Riku <3