Great Hall at Mains Lancashire Natural Wedding

What an incredible day this was for Kiran and Marks wedding at the Great Hall at Mains in Lancashire. Kiran and Mark had an indian and British mix theme to their day. Their wedding was very intimate but had so much colour, detail and emotion not even the cold march temperature could change that! an awesome day.

Italian Tuscany Country Chic Wedding

Tuscany Country Chic Wedding | Kristy + Tom

Hi Mates, we are speaking from a warm early autumn Tuscany afternoon, lost in the Italian countryside! I shot this very intimate Tuscany Country Chic Wedding at the beginning of September in Certaldo Alto, an ancient Italian town, overlooking to the typical Tuscan Countryside. Kristy and Tom come Australia to get married near Florence, keeping everything simple on their wedding day, enjoying the day in a friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, best choice of the day  was to have great food! They have had really a great wedding dinner with Giuseppina, the great chef they chose to arrange a typical dinner baser on Tuscan flavors, but also due to the scenic atmosphere they had serving the meal in an ancient cellar completely filled with huge Chianti Wine barrels! May you believe it? Enjoy some from my favorites from this Tuscany Country Chic Wedding!

Italy Wedding - Christopher Ian Photography

A wonderful rustic wedding in the stunning country of Italy for Martin and Jo’s destination wedding. The couple had wanted to enjoy the hot weather and focus on a smaller gathering so that they could enjoy the sights  and setting of a true Italian style wedding. The day started off with rain, in spite of the previous days being sun-drenched but soon cleared up enough that you wouldn’t even notice! their wedding ceremony itself was in the town centres little theatre, really stunning and intimate for a location, i loved this little touch! We then took a little tour of the locale for a few photos and then on inside to escape the crazy heat of the late afternoon.

Romantic Countryside Wedding Sweden


Rebecca and Nicklas were married at Grand hotell in Mölle, Sweden. ‘Neither of us are religious so we wanted to create our own ceremony and wedding. We wanted it to be true to us the whole way so we added the love for nature and our own quirkiness to it. It was a day inspired by nature, soft pallets and our love for each other and our interests.’ 

Williamson Park Lancaster Wedding - Christopher Ian Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing Steph and Matts wedding at the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster, it was an incredible fun and very relaxed day. Lancaster is a stunning locale, the incredible sight form the memorial hill in the park to the gallery and castle nearby, a true beauty in the heart of the UK countryside. These two were very much the chilled pair, they made quite the perfect match and i felt right at ease being their wedding photographer.

Misty Marquee Wedding Cornwall - Richard_Skins

This is why couples should not be bothered about the weather on their wedding day! Claire and David’s Cornwall coastal wedding could have been similar to every other Cornwall wedding but the mist added a unique quality to the day and especially to the images.  The couple got married at the church of St. Morwenna & St John the Baptist in Morwenstow, Bude followed by a marquee reception at Claire’s grandparent’s house with a handmade bar by the groom! I especially loved our little Landover trip to the cliffs for pictures; I think every cow in Cornwall came to say congratulations!

Ashton Farm Wedding - Dorchester UK - Richard Skins

I love to photograph weddings like Leila & Ed’s! Autumn is a beautiful time to have a wedding and to photograph a couple with so much happiness between them is incredible.  Throughout the wedding I saw lovely little touches that the couple have made to make the wedding their own, check out the couples very own brewed ale especially for the day called ‘Shazam” which is a combination of the first three letters of Leila’s maiden name, and the first three letters of Ed’s surname put together. Ed’s brother Nick created all the amazing origami which decorated the reception room.  The venue is called Ashton Barn and is one of the best I have photographed at! it is a perfect combination of outside space and rustic barn all set in the beautiful countryside of Dorset.

Geneva Switzerland Wedding - Christopher Ian Photography

Wow what can i say about this wedding? this was one of my very first destination weddings and it was to the incredibly beautiful country of Geneva in Switzerland. Jamie and Elijah, amazing wedding photographers in their own right, chose me to be their photographer (an incredible honour!) to photograph their wedding atop of mount Geneva itself!

Their wedding plans were to be all focused on the outdoor elements in the vineyards as a backdrop and the amazing scenery and mountains behind, alas the weather turned and torrential rain washed away their original plans. The whole of the attending families pulled together and made the wedding happen, we used the barn next door and moved things around as much as we could. In between the weather stopped its torment and we dived outside for some great images and had an amazing time. A wedding i will never forget.

Chateau de Montsablé, Auvergne, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Bérénice and Tim had a very simple and elegant wedding, outside a castle in Center France. They got legally married in Clermont-Ferrand, then we headed to the château, where we had a very emotional ceremony outside, followed by a balloon release with all their guests. We then headed to the woods to take couples pictures, and were greeted by thousand of purple flowers, making a great carpet for magical and faery pictures. We had a sunny, amazing and emotional day, filled with surprises and great memories. During sunset, we had a small session with the chateau’s swing, in front of the volcanoes chain of Auvergne. The surrounding forests were wearing their most golden colors and I could not resist but to take pictures of the flowers around.

Les Ranchisses, Ardèche, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Ray and John decided to get married in Ardèche because that’s where they came on holidays for the past 10 years. They even got engaged there! So it was an obvious choice to make.

They wanted a very “French” wedding, with lots of local food, and a “market-style” buffet. They organised a ceremony outside, under a centennial tree, with their closest friends and family members. It was a very emotional day, since it was a small wedding with only their closest family and friends. Their ceremony was truly magical, with lots of symbols. Their rings even passed through their guests, who had to make a wish while holding them. We then headed to the biggest mountain around in order to take couples pictures during sunset, in the last rays of the summer sun.