One name, two hearts. She is Irena, I’m Alex. Together we travel all over the rainbow and also through most stormy waterways. Our footprints occur slowly and with love. Sometimes our paths merge into one … Irenas lovely spontaneity and remarkable innovation is intertwined with my accuracy and my creativity. This gives us strength for new adventures.

In 6140 days of our miraculous marriage we become a dynamic and harmonious duet. Mutual understanding, unconditional love and care for our two wonderful daughters – this is what leads us to the magic of life. Thats how we create memorable photos and tell unique wedding stories.


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Because of our experience and knowledge we guarantee complete and professional service. We capture most beautiful moments of your wedding into eternity – from the initial preparations till the wedding party. Images are relaxed and spontaneous, since we try to capture unique impressions of people and events. This gives you the unforgettable memories that are newlyweds in a lasting pride. We welcome you to come with us on a wonderful journey of creating your marriage adventure!


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