Welcom here on my page! I’m Francesco (Fra, if you prefer to keep  thinghs simple), an Italian Destination Wedding Photographer based in Tuscany, but available to travel everywere you decide to bring your love. Basically  I’m a daydreamer and I do my best to enjoy my life. I’ve two kids, my two small superheroes, and I love to look at the world like they do, discovering  it through their untouched, super-candid point of views.

I love my inspiring wife and she’s the reason why I’m what I’m; she’s my best friend also, and the first voice I need to hear when I need to hear a voice. I’m easy, and crazy sometimes. My camera is a part of me, often replace my words or my eyes; it’s also the key I’ve to join in your life. Hiring me, you’ll hire the husband, the daydreamer, the friend, the father, and surely the crazy-but-easy guy that will enjoy your wedding with you!


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I’ve my own point of view about photojournalistic wedding photography: I’d love  to be considered like one of your friends instead of just  a reporter. I’d like to be immersed in  your day like your guests are doing, instead of being just a third person storyteller. Trust in me being totally yourself and I will do the same; this is my goal and the only way I can do what I love at my best!


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