My name is Loke Roos and I shoot weddings. Not because I want to, but because I have to. My passion for the true story and real, authentic moments has brought me to where I am today. I capture every moment during a wedding with these words in mind TRUE – BEAUTIFUL – NATURAL

My focus is always to tell the story that unravels in front of my eyes in a way that will forever be remembered. I’m currently based in the south of Sweden but travel worldwide for my couples. I truly love what I do and knowing your wedding photos are going to take you back to that special moment, even decades after the wedding, makes me both happy and proud.


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“Loke is a decision maker. a professional sweet talker, a driven entrepreneur, and a beyond talented musician. He leaves his wet towels and socks on the floor, and he seems to have problems with hearing… it is pretty selective. He loves ice cream and indian food, the colour black, and he has recently added “sorry baby, you are definitely right” into his vocabulary. He is the guy that sticks up for me and encourages me, opens doors for me, and gives our kids lots and lots of piggy back rides. He even painted funny faces on my stomach when I was 9 months pregnant” – Wife of Loke


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