Chateau de Montsablé, Auvergne, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Bérénice and Tim had a very simple and elegant wedding, outside a castle in Center France. They got legally married in Clermont-Ferrand, then we headed to the château, where we had a very emotional ceremony outside, followed by a balloon release with all their guests. We then headed to the woods to take couples pictures, and were greeted by thousand of purple flowers, making a great carpet for magical and faery pictures. We had a sunny, amazing and emotional day, filled with surprises and great memories. During sunset, we had a small session with the chateau’s swing, in front of the volcanoes chain of Auvergne. The surrounding forests were wearing their most golden colors and I could not resist but to take pictures of the flowers around.

Les Ranchisses, Ardèche, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Ray and John decided to get married in Ardèche because that’s where they came on holidays for the past 10 years. They even got engaged there! So it was an obvious choice to make.

They wanted a very “French” wedding, with lots of local food, and a “market-style” buffet. They organised a ceremony outside, under a centennial tree, with their closest friends and family members. It was a very emotional day, since it was a small wedding with only their closest family and friends. Their ceremony was truly magical, with lots of symbols. Their rings even passed through their guests, who had to make a wish while holding them. We then headed to the biggest mountain around in order to take couples pictures during sunset, in the last rays of the summer sun.

Metz, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Amandine and Eric got married in September, on a moody and foggy day. It was still and amazing day for those two lovebirds. They rented an amazing old car, and used it to travel around town to the different locations. They had a church ceremony in a very small town church, filled with paintings and an amazing light. We then headed to a nearby forest to take couples pictures. It was a very nice and not-so-cold day, with just a little bit of rain! Their first look was truly emotional, and the love between those two is magical. It was a very nice day!

Chateau des Martinanches, Auvergne, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Galina and Nicolas had a French-Russian wedding in Center France. Galina is from far Russia, and Nicolas from Auvergne. They both live in Paris but decided to get married in Nicolas’s childhood town. Their wedding was filled with emotions and great people. They had a very relaxed backyard cocktail with an amazing Russian-themed photobooth. The castle is located in the middle of amazing fields with a view, so during sunset we headed there to take pictures. Galina got ready at a friend’s place, and they organized custom Russian games for Nicolas to find her in the house. He had for example to call a perfect stranger and tell her he was going to marry Galina, and make the stranger say “congratulations”. It was the most difficult of the games but he managed it! The night was then filled with dances, games and laughter.

Campsite in Ardeche wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Tim and Farrah organized their elopement in Ardèche last September. Coming from London, they fell in love with the beautiful sites and sights of the Gorges de l’Ardèche, so they decided to say “I do” in front of the river with only 16 of their closest friends (kids included!). Despite the heavy rain and the cold, they managed to get some sun for their vows exchange! It was a really emotional day. When Farrah saw Tim waiting for her, she started crying and only stopped 15 minutes after the end of the ceremony! We then headed to a flooded beach to take pictures in front of an iconic landmark: the Pont d’Arc. It was pouring rain and we were as wet as wet can be, but their love was stronger than everything else. It was a truly magical day!

Hotel Excelsior, Croatia wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Sepideh and Mirza got married last summer in Dubrovnik, Croatia. But they are not from this town, and not even from Croatia! They both live in Denmark, and they are from Iran and Bosnia Herzegovina! But since they travel a lot and they fell in love with this town, they decided to have a destination wedding there. Their wedding bands have many countries on them, like Bosnia, Iran, Denmark and of course Croatia.

Mirza proposed to Sepideh on his own 30th birthday, with a choir singing “Halo” from Beyoncé. Sepideh did not expect that, since all their friends and families were here!

During the ceremony, they totally improvised on the spot, since they didn’t really talk about it or planned anything. Still, it was a very emotional ceremony in the gardens of the Grand Villa Argentina Hotel. They had an amazing view over the sea and the Lukrum island, where we went the day after the wedding to take pictures.
It was such a pleasure to meet this gorgeous couple and take pictures for their wedding day. It was really hot outside but we enjoyed the sun a lot, and we even had time to stroll into the small streets to take couples pictures. The next day, we headed to the small island in front of Dubrovnik and had a sunset session just the 3 of us.

Domaine de la tour de Rochefort, Auvergne, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Charlyne and Alex met when they were teenagers, and never split up since then. They got married by the vicar who was taking care of Charlyne as she was a child. About 2 weeks before the wedding, during his bachelor party, Alex broke his leg, so he had to wear crutches all day long to support his plaster. But it didn’t stop him from walking down the aisle without them, despite the pain. It was a very emotional ceremony, since Alex saved the life of Charlyne’s dad 2 years before the wedding. We then headed to the venue and had an amazing cocktail overlooking the Auvergne volcanoes. Their couple session was shot during the very last moments of sun, in a field not too far away from the venue. It was a very sunny and beautiful day!