Chateau de Montsablé, Auvergne, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Bérénice and Tim had a very simple and elegant wedding, outside a castle in Center France. They got legally married in Clermont-Ferrand, then we headed to the château, where we had a very emotional ceremony outside, followed by a balloon release with all their guests. We then headed to the woods to take couples pictures, and were greeted by thousand of purple flowers, making a great carpet for magical and faery pictures. We had a sunny, amazing and emotional day, filled with surprises and great memories. During sunset, we had a small session with the chateau’s swing, in front of the volcanoes chain of Auvergne. The surrounding forests were wearing their most golden colors and I could not resist but to take pictures of the flowers around.

Chateau des Martinanches, Auvergne, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Galina and Nicolas had a French-Russian wedding in Center France. Galina is from far Russia, and Nicolas from Auvergne. They both live in Paris but decided to get married in Nicolas’s childhood town. Their wedding was filled with emotions and great people. They had a very relaxed backyard cocktail with an amazing Russian-themed photobooth. The castle is located in the middle of amazing fields with a view, so during sunset we headed there to take pictures. Galina got ready at a friend’s place, and they organized custom Russian games for Nicolas to find her in the house. He had for example to call a perfect stranger and tell her he was going to marry Galina, and make the stranger say “congratulations”. It was the most difficult of the games but he managed it! The night was then filled with dances, games and laughter.