Ashford Castle Ireland Wedding - Tomasz Kornas

You know it was a great wedding day when you finally sit back into the car and say ’that was INCREDIBLE’. I spent this Wedding day in the most beautiful locations along the West Coast of Ireland. From the minute I saw a beautiful MG sports car parked outside the house and the beautiful sleeved dress on the positively stunning bride, I knew this would be a truly special day.

Having planned the trip carefully to maximise the photographic opportunities of Cong Abbey, I was ready to capture imagery, which would become very special and very personal to the Bride and Groom. In the end we all worked hard to make the most of a great day and the images speak for themselves. While the weather assisted us greatly by providing some beautiful light, the open mindedness and ‘do whatever you want’ approach of Sandra and Dara allowed me to work outside a clinical shot-list and capture the images I felt captured the wonder of the day.

I now invite you to enjoy the images taken on this beautiful day. This alternative wedding day was full of surprises (not to mention a selection box in summer time) and was a creative flurry from start to finish. It’s important to mention that Ashford Castle (which is beside Cong Abbey and part of the estate) was recently voted as being the best Hotel in the World.