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Rustic Swedish Wedding Gotland

After the sweetest proposal on Gotland Island, where Oskar spelled out the question with sticks and stones from the rocky beach, Linnea and Oskar knew there would be no place more special to tie the knot. The stone walls and historic architecture of Bläse Kalkbruksmuseum in Lärbro, Sweden offered an enchanting atmosphere for this fairy tale wedding. Rustic Swedish Wedding Gotland

The Inspiration:

We wanted the theme of the wedding to mirror the landscape, architecture and environments on Gotland, which has a very barren feel with muted cool colors, but also lots of flowers and a very rustic feel. The decorations and our clothes was designed to match and meld into these remote places, and old storage house for the ceremony and a large lime stone barn for the dinner. Most importantly was that we recognized ourselves and didn’t feel like we were dressing up in costumes. Rustic Swedish Wedding Gotland

The Moments:

We loved all the small moments we got for ourselves between all the events. Our favorite one of these is just before the ceremony. We were hiding behind some trees out of sight from the arriving guests, feeling a bit jittery with anticipation for everything to start as well as waiting for the wedding bouquet that we had forgotten at the house where we got prepared (whoops!). We both felt a “pinch me in the arm” moment and reminded each other that now was the moment. Rustic Swedish Wedding Gotland

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