Wedding in Harjattula, Turku Finland - Jere Satamo

You can see when your groom is an art designer and everything is planned carefully, colour themes etc. just works. This gorgeous couple, Essi and Riku got married on last summer in Harjattula, Turku Finland. In a meeting we were talking about old prison area and possibility to shoot portraits there, they were truly in! Nothing else would´t work so perfectly than an old football yard at local prison area. Because both of the couple were former football players.

When I heard that the theme colour is yellow, I dug up my smoke bomb stock and found yellow ones, haha. Church at Kakskerta is an old stone church build hundreds of years ago and venue locates nearby. Venue is at itself, is great old greenhouse, which might a bit warm when sun is shining. In these weddings we had very variable weather, sun was shining and suddenly we had rain. So perfect day with a perfect couple. Thanks Essi & Riku <3

Wedding in Furuvik Parainen, Finland - Jere Satamo

You can only imagine what is to have weddings on the summer’s warmest day. Outdoor ceremony in a beautiful venue at Parainen was pretty warm for all of us, especially for men. Riikka and Jussi had chosen their weddings to be held in this place just for having these gorgeous surroundings and landscapes. They themselves lives 150km far away from Parainen and guests were also travelling from other cities. This Furuvik mansion is an old representation house for the mayor of Parainen in the early 80´s.

The ceremony was intimate and every guest were like being a closer relative and not just a friend. Everything was planned nicely and the day went so quickly. Speeches came straight from the heart and atmosphere was really authentic and warm.

We shot first look and portraits before the ceremony so we didn´t have to panic about those when the actual wedding parties started. Everything went like in manual (is there a manual?) and sunset in a Finnish archipelago is beautiful. On a previous day before the wedding day, they had Riikka´s birthday party at the venue and the whole trip ended to brunch on Sunday with wedding guests. Hopefully you can enjoy the set!

Engagement in Ruissalo, Turku - Jere Satamo

This set was shot in a beginning of February. We had a quite good wintery season going on and decided to shoot their engagement photos before snow will melt down. When we drove to our destination, sun was shining and weather was looking nice. Just when I took my camera from my bag, I noticed that there will be big fog coming from the sea. It wasn´t fog, it was true snowstorm that we faced, as you can see in the pics. It took 10 minutes and then it started to calm down. Luckily the sun started to shine again and we had an excellent photo session! Enjoy!

Wedding in Mathildedal Finland - Jere Satamo

It was a really nice and warm summer day at finnish Archipelago. Jaana & Jan had planned their weddings at least 1,5years. Everything was top notch, invitations, decorations and even guest book. This venue was new to me and it was truly stunning, harsh but still romantic. We went there one month earlier with my family and my son was so stoked about alpacas. The venue is located in the street called Alpaca Lane and it´s an old ironworks factory. Hope you can enjoy the set!