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Rustic Swedish Wedding Gotland

After the sweetest proposal on Gotland Island, where Oskar spelled out the question with sticks and stones from the rocky beach, Linnea and Oskar knew there would be no place more special to tie the knot. The stone walls and historic architecture of Bläse Kalkbruksmuseum in Lärbro, Sweden offered an enchanting atmosphere for this fairy tale wedding. Rustic Swedish Wedding Gotland

The Inspiration:

We wanted the theme of the wedding to mirror the landscape, architecture and environments on Gotland, which has a very barren feel with muted cool colors, but also lots of flowers and a very rustic feel. The decorations and our clothes was designed to match and meld into these remote places, and old storage house for the ceremony and a large lime stone barn for the dinner. Most importantly was that we recognized ourselves and didn’t feel like we were dressing up in costumes. Rustic Swedish Wedding Gotland

The Moments:

We loved all the small moments we got for ourselves between all the events. Our favorite one of these is just before the ceremony. We were hiding behind some trees out of sight from the arriving guests, feeling a bit jittery with anticipation for everything to start as well as waiting for the wedding bouquet that we had forgotten at the house where we got prepared (whoops!). We both felt a “pinch me in the arm” moment and reminded each other that now was the moment. Rustic Swedish Wedding Gotland

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Villa Odinslund Göteborg - Sweden - Loke Roos


Isabelle and  Cody were married on 31st July 2015 at Villa Odinslund in Göteborg, Sweden. ‘Neither of us are religious so we wanted to create our own ceremony and wedding. We wanted it to be true to us the whole way so we added the love for nature and our own quirkiness to it. It was a day inspired by nature, soft pallets and our love for each other and our interests.’ Outdoor Swedish Wedding

How they met

We met during Isabelle’s first few days in Los Angeles, at a housing meeting for the college we were both going to attend. We where sitting facing each other but on different tables, we actually didn’t speak until later but Cody definitely made and impression. Throughout the whole meeting he was making faces at himself in the mirror behind Isabelle. If you’d told her then that he was going to be her future husband she wouldn’t have believed you. But we soon found out we where going to be neighbours, we ended up spending every night together and shortly we where best friends. Outdoor Swedish Wedding

The Proposal

We where in the Grand Canyon with both our sets of parents. After a day of walking around and admiring the beauty they decided to have dinner at the Grand Hotel. Waiting for our table they we were sitting and having drinks outside on the porch, right where the cliff starts. It was a beautiful evening and the sun was about to set when Cody asked Isabelle to go on a walk with him and take a few pictures. After some persuasion Isabelle decided join and they walk along the cliff until they got a beautiful section of little trees. We were completely hidden from everybody else; just us, the sunset and the Grand Canyon in front of us. And that’s when Cody went down on one knee and asked Isabelle to marry him. Outdoor Swedish Wedding

Favourite part of the wedding

I think that was right after our first dance. Everybody came up and joined us on the dance floor, no matter what age. It was such a joy to see everybody having such a great time; just dancing and laughing no matter how much some knees must have hurt. It was such a great evening and we felt so surrounded with love and support.

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Inderoy Fjordhotel - Norway - Loke Roos

Timeless Natural Wedding Norway

With breathtaking views of the lush countryside, fjord and plenty of sunshine to go around, Inderoy, Norway, set the scene for Hanna Slapgaard (25 and a student) and Nikita Khanevski’s (31 and a project manager) gorgeous wedding. Timeless Natural Wedding Norway. Every detail embodied a romantic timelessness, and their venues were just the beginning. Their heartfelt ceremony took place at Shakshaug Old Church, a small stone church that features Norman architecture atop a hill overlooking the fjord. Hanna walked down the aisle carrying a bouquet with freesia—a family tradition—and wearing a classic lace wedding dress with a gorgeous off-shoulder neckline. Timeless Natural Wedding Norway. After Hanna and Nikita exchanged vows, they hopped into a vintage car for a quick drive down the road to the Jaegtvolden Fjord Hotel. Having their reception there was personal: Hanna grew up nearby, since her father manages the venue, and has been a part of weddings there for years. Plus, the natural scenery is unparalleled: rolling hills dotted with trees and cottages around a large body of water. What could be better? Of course, everyone enjoyed their locally sourced three-course dinner outdoors, complete with a homemade mango sorbet (Nikita’s favorite). To personalize their day even more, their family members and friends pitched in to provide instrumental music and even made their cake. See the sweet moments below including an epic romantic moment overlooking the fjord. Timeless Natural Wedding Norway