Killashee House Naas Ireland Wedding - Tomasz Kornas

I remember walking in to Killashee House Hotel on a misty Sunday morning. I had waited a long time for the day to come as I knew what was going to happen. I met Aisling and Alan a while back and somehow I knew that their Wedding Day would be completely different to what I have seen before. I was right. I walked into a room full of smiling faces and nothing else. There was a very chilled out ambience in the room and you could feel the unconditional love from the family. Everyone was so open and supportive, and there was me in the middle of the action. For the very first time I really felt I was a fly on the wall and in a super positive way! Its natural that people are always aware of me in the room, even when I ask them to ignore me, and I mean to completely ignore me. I become a witness to many beautiful moments, moments that weren’t necessarily so obvious in real time. I was completely sold on this day. I was allowed to do anything I wanted. There were no shot lists, no silly must-do photos, just license to capture the entire day they way I wanted, the way I felt. That freedom for me was an extremely positive experience. Without any more words, here it is, my story of unconditional love.