Domaine de la tour de Rochefort, Auvergne, France wedding - Ambre Peyrotty

Charlyne and Alex met when they were teenagers, and never split up since then. They got married by the vicar who was taking care of Charlyne as she was a child. About 2 weeks before the wedding, during his bachelor party, Alex broke his leg, so he had to wear crutches all day long to support his plaster. But it didn’t stop him from walking down the aisle without them, despite the pain. It was a very emotional ceremony, since Alex saved the life of Charlyne’s dad 2 years before the wedding. We then headed to the venue and had an amazing cocktail overlooking the Auvergne volcanoes. Their couple session was shot during the very last moments of sun, in a field not too far away from the venue. It was a very sunny and beautiful day!